metal-roofingIs your Tampa area home in need of a new roof? If so, here at Imperial Roofing Contractor we strongly recommend a metal roof replacement. A metal roof  may seem a little out of the ordinary when thinking about the different materials available for roofing, but when you look at the advantages that a metal roof provides you’d be hard pressed not to choose it over other options.

The Advantages of a Metal Roof Replacement

You can count on your metal roof replacement being extremely durable due to the fact that it is made of metal. This means that it will last a long time and require very little maintenance or repair work as long as it is installed properly. Additionally, metal roofs are very energy efficient. They help to reflect sunlight away from the home during the warmer months of the year in Tampa, which means your house won’t be absorbing as much heat as normal, resulting in energy savings.

Metal Roof Styles

Here at Imperial Roofing Contractor, we offer our customers three high quality metal roofing options to choose from:

  • 5V – Our most affordable option is highly wind resistant. It provides homes with the look of standing seam metal roofs while being less expensive.
  • Standing Seam – This option consists of a side by side formation of metal panels with concealed fasteners and a 3D look.
  • Stone Coated Steel – Our most luxurious option boasts concealed fasteners as well as high wind resistance. While the initial cost is the highest, it will last for practically your entire lifetime and looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Installation Process

Our expert roofers at Imperial Roofing make sure that no corners are cut when it comes to the installation of your metal roof. The following is the process we use:

  • All existing roofing materials will first be removed.
  • We will inspect the roof for rotted roof sheathing or fascia board and replace it.
  • The roof deck will then be refastened
  • A water barrier, hurricane-rated skylights, drip edge flashings, vents and lead boots will be installed wherever necessary.
  • Your new metal roofing will then be carefully installed by our expert contractors.

If your Tampa area home is in need of a new roof, we highly recommend a metal roof replacement. We are a third generation family-owned business with a reputation for quality service and workmanship. If you think a metal roof would be just what your home needs, contact Imperial Roofing Contractors and talk to one of our professionals.

Metal Roof Replacement