An Imperial Roofing Contractor team spent last two Saturday earning the Earth Angel Certificate of Appreciation. On August 3rd and 10th the team, working with volunteers up on the roof at the Pay It Forward Farm community center in Spring Hill, FL, helping them accomplish their goal of replacing the existing roof. Owner Chris Estep, along with Miguel Chavez, Filipe Chavez, Gilbert Barrea, Omar Delgado, Welmer Ramirez, Jose Cruz, Marcelo Escobedo, German Hermenegildo, Jose Larios, and Miguel Hernandez worked together on replacing the 4000 square foot roof.

Other Participants

Registered Roof Observer Jayne Peters, served as roof consultant and coordinated the event for PIFF. The local Spring Hill Home Depot donated the GAF shingles. The local ABC Supply donated the underlayment, eaves drip, nails, roofing cement, and ridge vents.

Pay It Forward Farm

Pay It Forward Farm is a multicultural community for the benefit of single mothers and their children, teaching them to have a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle. It’s mission is to become a launching point for these single mothers and their children to be able to take positive actions in a pay-it-forward spirit to give back to the world around them.

The crew had a great time working with the volunteers for PIFF despite the heat. The team was thanked with pizza, Pay It Forward Farm t-shirts, and PIFF’s Earth Angel Certificate of Appreciation.