Nifty Tips for Maintaining Your Tile RoofThe durable, attractive tile roofing so familiar to Tampa and Land O Lakes residents needs very little attention to provide long-lasting protection. Yet every roof needs some maintenance, from periodic cleaning to routine tile roof repair.

A General Note Regarding Safety

No conscientious roofing contractor will ever recommend that amateur homeowners go up on their tile roofs. Suppose you want to perform some small piece of maintenance; your footsteps can crack tiles or lead to a spill, causing expensive, extensive tile roof repair more far-reaching than that original little issue. Please keep off your tile roof and leave the maintenance to the professionals.

What You CAN Do

For all tile roofs, the homeowner can comfortably keep gutters clean, inspect flashing and rooftop piercings (from the safety of an extension ladder, not on the roof), and check inside the attic for signs of water leaks.

From the extension ladder, also look for cracked, loose or missing tiles. If you spot a problem, contact a local roofing contractor for proper tile roof repair and maintenance.


Cast concrete tiles, whether flat or curved, offer strength and resilience even in the face of strong south Florida weather. They do absorb moisture, encouraging moss and algae, both of which can be cleaned off by professionals.

Pressure washers can cause extensive damage when used in the wrong direction or at the wrong pressure. Handled properly, pressure washers can clean your concrete tile roof of moss, algae, and dirt, helping to expose areas that may require extensive repair work.

Terracotta and Ceramic

Unglazed earthenware makes terracotta tile rustically beautiful. Moisture is your chief issue with this tile roof material. Glazed roof tiles are ceramic. Surprisingly rugged, a terracotta or ceramic tile roof needs very little maintenance or tile roof repair except for cracked tiles (usually from blunt force impacts, like a tree branch or work boot).
Efflorescence in the first few years of installation is common; the tiles may leave white streaks from lime leaching out. Ignore it; any attempt to clean it will only increase the risk of breaking the tiles, and rainwater will wash the efflorescence away.

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