Be Prepared, Not Scared! Protect Your Roof Now

Emergencies do not come with soundtracks. You never hear violins screeching to warn you that a tree limb is about to fall on your house, as you might in the movies. Being prepared, not scared of impending danger, is part of your responsibility as a Florida homeowner. Consider these three strategies to be ready when an emergency strikes.

Overhanging Limbs

Clear overhanging limbs and close trees from your roof line. If you stand at your home’s exterior walls and look up, anything that is near the house is a danger to your house. You may wish to engage a tree service for this. Roofers in the Bay area often find animals using overhanging branches as little highways in the sky to enter your home.

Hurricane Preparation

Professional roofers in the Bay area may be familiar with Florida’s hurricane building codes, but many homeowners may not know their roofs must include straps and clips attached between rafters and joists inside the attic. These reinforcing metal pieces help hold the roof together against the sudden changes in air pressure brought on by hurricanes.

Another feature to help mitigate hurricane damage is water shield, which can self-seal around penetrations such as wind-borne debris tossed around by a hurricane.

Roof Kit

After a passing storm, one of the first stop-gap measures roofers can do is to spread a tarp over a damaged roof. If you have some of the supplies handy yourself, you can speed up recovery.

We never advise homeowners to risk going onto a roof, but you can spread a tarp over your roof before the professionals arrive. All you need is a throw bag (a beanbag), some cord, some rope, and a tarp sufficiently large to cover the damaged section of your roof. Tie thin cord to a throw bag, which you then throw over your home, carrying the cord with it. Tie heavier rope to the cord; attach the rope to the tarp. Pull the cord from the far side of the roof and the tarp will climb up and over your home. Despite its looks, it can prevent water from infiltrating a gaping hole in your roof until the pros arrive.
In any roofing emergency, do not hesitate to contact the trained professionals at Imperial Roofing Contractor. We can send crews out as soon as safety permits, and we will not stop working until your home is secure.

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