our_company_team_kLiving in Tampa provides you with fantastic and dramatic weather conditions which unfortunately does not always mean the best for your roof. When you have questions and problems involving your roof it is important to have a qualified Tampa roofing contractor like Imperial Roofing Contractor perform the work. But, how can you tell who is reliable and who is not? We suggest you use these questions to get an idea of who you can trust:


It is important to verify that the company is not only licensed, but that their license is current and in good standing according to your region’s requirements.


Injuries and accidents on the job are inevitable and having workers’ compensation and liability insurance for these incidents will limit what you, the homeowner, will be held responsible for.

Will the Work Include Removing the Old Roof?

Unless the old shingles are removed, a contractor is not able to fully assess the damage beneath which may include rotting leading to structural compromise.

What Safeguards Will Be Used to Protect the Existing Landscaping and Gutters?

A good Tampa roofing contractor will include tarps to protect the work being done, standoffs for the ladders being used, a receptacle to haul away debris, and various other courtesy measures to ensure the home and surrounding land are protected while the roof is being worked on.

Will There Be a Primary Contact Person to Coordinate the Job?

Having one person that you can go to with problems and questions makes it easier to communicate any issues that may arise.

Is There a Written Estimate?

A written estimate is a protective cushion for a homeowner who then knows approximately what to expect. It prevents suddenly being hit will a final shocking bill.

Is There a Local Address and Telephone Number?

Having a local company complete the roofing work is a boon to a homeowner because it provides a nearby contact location if something should go wrong.

Is There a Warranty?

Both the materials and work performed should be given a warranty. This is a sign of confidence and competence in the work and is a safety net in the event something should go wrong.

Are There References?IRC-BestRoofingContractor

A good contractor will be willing to provide a list of names and numbers from past jobs. Call a few of them and ask things like: were they pleased with the work and the workers, did the contractor show up on time, and was the job completed as stated and on time.

Having the answers to these questions will help with making a decision on the right Tampa roofing contractor for you. Imperial Roofing Contractor is a local contractor who only uses fully trained and certified in-house employees on all jobs. Contact Imperial Roofing today.

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