Why Your Shingles Repair Might Be a flashing issue

If you start to notice problems with your shingle roof the primary cause may not be the shingles themselves. Instead, the issue may be with your roof’s flashing, which is causing leaks and extensive damage.

So, what is flashing? Flashing refers to metal pieces designed to provide a watertight seal between roof sections, roofing materials, and other parts of your roof. Water will enter between the roofing systems and roof structure if the flashing isn’t correctly installed and sealed. This spells trouble for your roof and home. Flashing seams may also become separated, which will lead to shingle roof repair. Rusted flashing is another issue. Here’s a closer look at common roof flashing issues:

Vent flashing

Your home’s plumbing system includes vent pipes which penetrate your roof’s surface. The problem may be with the pipe, which may need a new or larger collar. Your shingle roof repair may need to include installing new flashing in the case of more severe damage.

Chimney flashing

Improperly flashed chimneys may lead to rotted roof sheathing and other issues that require qualified shingle roof repair. If the damage and leaks around the chimney area are minor, your roofing professional should be able to replace the chimney flashing with “step” flashing running up the sides of the chimney. Counterflashing is used to cover the step flashing.

Kick-out flashing

Kick-out flashing keeps roof runoff flows from going down the wall or seeping into it. Eventually, it may rot or destroy sheathing and framing. Prompt shingle roof repair will prevent that from happening.

The importance of shingle roof repair

Professional repair and maintenance are essential for avoiding the potential significant issues caused by flashing problems. After all, damage to your flashing may lead to black mold from water seeping through your roof. Moreover, any open crack or loose piece of flashing may lead to further damage when high winds occur.

Properly repairing flashing issues requires the expertise of professionals with experience in shingle roof repair. If you’re having issues with your roof’s flashing, call the experts at Imperial Roofing Contractor. We have served the Tampa region for 50 years.

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