Repair or Replace? Caring for Your Tile Roof

The beautiful Spanish tile roofs of Tampa are long-lasting, tough protection for our Tampa-area homes. Besides the typical curved Spanish tiles, flat tiles are also common throughout the area. Despite their 50+ year lifespan, tile roofs do require attention, so a Tampa homeowner is faced with the dilemma of tile roof repair or replacement.


No homeowner should walk on a tile roof, ever. The tiles themselves are fragile and can get slick, causing a slip and fall hazard. Assessing your tile roof’s condition is the job of a reliable, local roofing contractor. The contractor’s crews know the right way to move on tiles, have the proper safety equipment, and know what to look for:

  • Obvious leaks
  • Rodent or insect nests
  • Degraded flashing

Flashing can split from ultraviolet rays (ordinary sunlight) that weaken the thin metal. It can pull away from surfaces, exposing your underlayment and sheathing.

A tile roofing contractor will also ask to see the inside of your Tampa home’s attic. Here the determination for tile roof repair, rather than replacement, depends on the extent of leaks.

A few leaky spots here and there? Repair is in order. This does not mean repairing individual tiles; it means replacing only those tiles and underlayment that are causing the leak.

What do attic leaks look like? On the underside of sheathing, look for dark stains; on insulation, look for signs of mold or mildew, or damp areas. Another sign of leaks is high humidity and evidence of black mold on wood surfaces. Seldom will a Tampa homeowner see actual, dripping water.

Many signs of leaks? Leaks that reach into your home? That condition points to replacement.


Tile roof repair that extends to full replacement should definitely include consideration of new sheathing and underlayment. Many tile roofs use high-grade materials for the terra cotta, cement or clay tiles themselves while skimping on the support surfaces. You will add many years to your tile roof’s life by investing in superior grades of sheathing (should it need to be replaced) and water shield instead of tarpaper underlayment.

The national average for tile roof replacement is near $12,000 according to Home Advisor; a quick consultation with Imperial Roofing Contractor could save you thousands by providing prompt tile roof repair instead of replacement. Partnering with your local, reliable roofer can help extend the life of your existing tile roof. Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor today!

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