Residential-Roof-MaintenanceYour roof plays an important role in keeping you and your family safe, warm and dry in the Tampa area. The structure of your home and its ability to prevent elemental damage to your belongings can also be attributed to the features and functions of your roof. With these important characteristics attached to your roof, there is no doubt you should routinely have residential roof maintenance completed.

Living in Tampa, your roof is subject to storms which produce heavy rains and winds, as well as the baking sun. These weather conditions can be very harsh on roofing material creating small areas of damage which gradually become a larger problem.


Performing an inspection, or having a professional complete one, is an active method of preventing further damage. A simple routine roof inspection may show small locations on the roof which require a quick repair.  These may be the result of storm damage or regular wear and tear. Quick fixes, when done in a timely manner, may prevent more involved repairs from having to be performed to the structure of the residence in the future.

Maintenance Basics

Residential roof maintenance includes:

  • Gutters – This feature of your roof should routinely be cleaned of debris. Improperly functioning gutters will often divert water flow to unwanted areas such as down the walls of the home or cause pooling at the foundation which over time will lead to deeper, more involved damage to the home. For this reason, the gutters and downspouts themselves should also be repaired in areas that have leaks or other functional deficits.
  • Shingles and Tiles – The materials which provide the protective coat to your roof, such as shingles and tiles, can become worn, cracked, or loosened which will need attention to prevent further damage. This outer layer protects the interior structures of your home making it important to address any issues as soon as they are noticed.
  • Debris – Having general debris on the top of your home, such as branches, dirt and leaves can in itself compromise the structural integrity of your roof. These items should be removed as soon as possible.

Neglecting your roof in Tampa will have greater implications that are not limited to the roof itself. Taking the time to have residential roof maintenance completed will give you peace of mind as well as prevent larger structural complications and damage from developing.

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