Intense storms can present unexpected emergencies. Especially in Tampa, FL, it’s good to have a roofing emergency action plan in place in case damage occurs. So, how can storm damage be reduced? Luckily, a few solutions exist for such a problem both before and after bad weather.

Before the Storm

The key to keeping a solid roof is the same as keeping your body strong: you check up on it every so often for problems. You can do so by having regular, professional inspections. Always make sure these inspections occur long before inclement weather hits.

Sometimes, roofing accidents become roofing catastrophes. Such catastrophes can render your home temporarily uninhabitable. In such cases, make sure you and your family have somewhere safe to stay until repairs are complete.

After the Storm

In case your roof gets damaged during a storm, there are a few things you should do.

Visual Inspection

Once the weather has calmed down, walk once or twice around your home. See if you can make out any damage, whether it’s a leak into your home or if some shingles have split or torn away.

Whatever you do, don’t try to handle the damage yourself! Don’t go up on the roof or go near any fallen power lines. Wait until professionals inspect the damage and tell you it’s safe.

Remember, you might not be able to see every bit of damage yourself. Even if your roof looks fine, be ready to call a professional for a second opinion. It’s better to be sure about your roof’s condition than to find more significant problems later.

Call Your Local Roofer

Keep your local roofer’s phone numbers programmed into your phone.

Ask your local roofer to assess the damage and get an estimate for repair costs.

Schedule and Begin Repairs

You should schedule and start repairs as soon as possible. Only do so when you know your estimate for damage repairs. Taking swift action will not only strengthen your roof but prepare you for the next storm.

Benefits of Working with a Local Roofer

Working with local roofers with experience in emergency repairs is best for the following reasons:

  • They work locally so they can come to you fast
  • If you wish, they can return later to inspect your roof
  • You can call them 24/7 with questions
  • Local roofers usually provide better warranties
  • They have a history with the community and understand its roofing needs
  • They don’t hire subcontractors or storm chasers to perform their services

Particularly during hurricane season, it’s essential to reach out as soon as possible. Roof damage is typical and appointments fill up fast, so you’ll have to act quickly.


Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

It might seem excessive to have your roof checked after every significant storm. However, ensuring minor problems don’t grow is vital for keeping your roof intact. Some benefits of regular roof maintenance inspections include the following:

  • The roofer can identify minor issues before they get too big
  • The roofer can safely go onto your roof or attic to find potential problems
  • You’ll know your roof can withstand intense weather
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of your roof’s current condition

How Often To Get Your Roof Inspected

How often your roof gets inspected depends on what kind of roof you have. Shingle roofs and common tiles roofs, for example, may need an inspection every six months. A flat roof may only need an inspection every five years to ensure the coating is still strong.

When in doubt, get your roof checked at least once, if not twice, a year.


What Happens During a Roof Maintenance Inspection?

When checking for storm damage, certified roofers perform an exterior roof inspection.

A professional will climb up to the roof and inspect its overall condition. Afterward, the professional will give a detailed repair assessment. They’ll also provide a plan for how to go about getting those repairs and what they may cost.

If There is Damage

One of the most critical aspects is documentation. Roofing companies document the damage using digital photos, thermal imagery, and log listings. The company will also offer roof maintenance plans for your roof. 

If your home has been through a significant storm, or it’s time for an inspection, give Imperial Roofing in Tampa, FL, a call. Our certified team is ready to help protect your home against whatever Mother Nature offers. We’d love to be part of your roofing emergency action plan!