Regular roof maintenance is often ignored, but even small problems with your roof can result in costly roof repairs. If your St. Petersburg roof is covered in leaves and debris, it is important to remove it as soon as possible to prevent roof damage and the need for repairs.

Roof Maintenance in St. Petersburg

When to Inspect Your Roof

At Imperial Roofing Contractor, we suggest roof maintenance twice a year, in the spring after winter storms and winds, and in the fall after summer growth.Most roof debris lands on your roof during windstorms, but it can also get there from overhanging trees or small animals. Any debris like leaves, twigs, pinecones, tree needles, acorns, and trash can cause roof damage if it’s left on your roof too long.

Damages Caused by Roof Debris

  • Algae and Mold – Wet leaves and debris create the perfect conditions for algae, mold, moss, and mildew to grow on your roof, especially in shady areas. They trap excessive moisture and water that weakens roof materials and leads to roof rot.
  • Roof and Foundation Leaks – Roof debris can get caught in various parts of your roof, including the gutters. It can clog water flow sending water under shingles and causing roof leaks.  Also, rather than being able to flow down the spouts and away from the foundation, rainwater can overflow clogged gutters and pool by your home’s foundation, and seep into the basement. Regular roof maintenance and gutter cleaning will help protect your roof and home.
  • Nesting – Leaves, twigs, and pine needles make excellent nesting materials for squirrels, birds, and other small animals. Keeping your roof free of debris will prevent unwanted visitors on your roof and in your attic.
  • Fire – Roof debris creates a potential fire hazard for your St. Petersburg home. A small ember from your fireplace or your neighbor’s fire pit can quickly ignite dry leaves, twigs, and trash on your roof, even with fire-retardant shingles.

 Protect Your Home Through Regular Roof Maintenance

If you see signs of water leaks inside your home, like dark spots on your ceiling or dampness in your attic, schedule a roof inspection to find the cause and stop further damage. Roof leaks only get worse, not better, so it’s important to keep your roof in good condition with regular roof maintenance before costly repairs catch you by surprise.

At Imperial Roofing Contractor, our team of experts have been providing quality roofing services to Florida homeowners since 1968. We can help you protect your home with regular roof maintenance and gutter cleaning for your St. Petersburg home.

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Roof Maintenance