T-PEACHChances are that if you are considering selling your Odessa area home, you may have questions about the condition of the roof, and how it may affect the sale of your home. The big question is whether or not your home’s roof is in selling condition. You may be asking yourself what do I do, sell as is, repair the roof, or replace it completely? These can be difficult questions to ask, and you may need to seek the advice of an Odessa roofing contractor to help you decide.


A Professional Evaluation

Having a professional evaluation by an Odessa roofing contractor can help determine the life expectancy remaining on the roof. A couple factors to consider are the actual age of the roof and the condition of the underlayment.

The underlayment will inevitably deteriorate over time, even if you cannot visibly see the damage. Some of the worst damage can be dry rot in the eaves, which are exposed to the elements, unlike your attic space. Chances are that if dry rot is present, the buyer is going to find out through the inspection process. The bank is not going to dole out a loan unless the damage is repaired prior to a sale.

An Odessa roofing contractor will be able to determine the presence of dry rot or any other problems that exist within the roofing structure. If may very well be that the roof has some quality time left in it and just needs some repairs.

Potential Buyers and Curb Appeal

It is vital to remember that curb appeal is important to a potential buyer. If they are stopping by your home and notice that the roof appears to be in poor condition, chances are they will move on, regardless of how the rest of the house looks. First impressions will determine how many people will make offers to buy your home. Things like the following set a first impression for a prospective buyer:

  • Condition of the Roof
  • The Overall Appearance of the Home
  • Upkeep of Landscaping
  • Exterior Paint and Other Features

Imperial Roofing Contractor has highly qualified roofers that can help you make the right roofing repair choice for your home. Our three-generation, family-owned company, is a Master Elite GAF Roofing Contractor and is certified by the Tile Roofing Institute of America.

For questions on determining your roofing needs while selling your home, contact us at Imperial Roofing Contractor. We have been proudly serving the Tampa Bay region since 1968.

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