5 Ways to See if Skylights are a Good Investment

Skylights are a good investment in any home. They let in beautiful daylight into your rooms through your roof. Think of a skylight as a window – it requires interior finishing, framing, and trim, which is why you need a professional roofer to install your skylights. Your roofer is best equipped to prevent leaks, seal the areas around the skylight, and correctly install flashings. But are skylights a good investment? Overall, skylights add value to your home in the following ways.

Adding Natural Daylight to your Home

Skylights let in more natural light and brighten up any part of your home, but it’s particularly useful in darker areas. For instance, if you have a hallway or other area of your home where sunlight doesn’t penetrate, adding a skylight will help keep them well-lit during the day.

With skylights, you’ll enjoy natural light and boost your mood and productivity throughout your day. When installed in the bedroom, it can help wake you up naturally. Studies have also indicated that natural sunlight helps to lower blood pressure and the calming effect can even reduce stress, depression, and anxiety that can develop in darker environments.

Reduces Electricity Consumption

Investing in skylights can ultimately pay off in terms of reduced electric bills. With floods of natural sunlight illuminating most areas of your home, you can keep the lights off most hours of the day. Rooms such as the kitchen and the living room can especially benefit from the overhead sunlight, eliminating the need to turn on ceiling lamps. 

Cross ventilation can help cool your indoor spaces when its hot outside, cutting down on your energy consumption during warm months.

Opening Skylights Can Improve Ventilation 

Advanced skylights can open up to let in the fresh air, which helps with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms. These skylights can freshen up the air and cool down your living spaces even without turning on your air conditioner. The added ventilation will help improve your indoor air quality and keep your home feeling more comfortable all day long.

Modern Skylights Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Skylights have a compelling visual effect in your home by making rooms look larger. You can tint your skylight glass in various colors to give your room a beautiful presentation. Different from window tinting, skylight tinting can significantly cut down your utility costs. Moreover, a special UV film can block UV light from damaging your furniture.

The only downside of skylight tinting is it can be difficult to install; it can also bubble or crack, which creates issues. That’s why it’s important to choose the right skylight installer if you want to save money in future maintenance costs.

How Modern Skylights Address the Drawbacks of Previous Years

Today’s skylights aren’t like the skylights of old. Skylights used to have certain drawbacks to consider, including water damage from leaks, faded fabrics, and heat loss. Over the years, skylight manufacturers have addressed these issues through various improvements, making skylights a great investment for your home.

One such improvement is the inclusion of layers of water protection to help reduce the risk of leaks. Whenever rainstorms hit, these skylights are able to withstand the conditions. Glass coatings and glazing play a critical role in preventing heat from escaping your home in cooler winter months. Additionally, these coatings and glazing help reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Some modern skylights are even integrated with IoT technology to help monitor various measurements, such as humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels. They work by automatically monitoring the sun’s rays and adding shading as required. The fast-growing solar industry is also utilizing skylights to enhance energy efficiency. As with most household appliances, a fully integrated IoT system allows you to manage the operations of your skylight using a mobile app.

Bottom Line

Installing skylights for energy-efficiency and aesthetic reasons will give your home more value in several ways. If you’re thinking of getting skylights for your Tampa, FL home, consider working with Imperial Roofing. We offer high-quality skylight installation and roofing services in the wider Tampa, area and beyond. Contact us today to begin the conversation with one of our confident, and dependable roofing specialists. You can also request a free, no-obligation quote!