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Spring cleaning makes many Floridians think of sprucing up their homes from top to bottom. How many of us, though, really start at the top? Tampa’s beautiful spring leads right into Tampa’s (beautiful?) rainy season, so getting a professional roofer to help with roof cleaning should be on your list of spring cleaning chores. 

Quick Tips

To make the biggest dent in your spring cleaning in the shortest time:

  • Dress right—wear protective clothing, such as a dust mask and protective gloves
  • Be realistic—do not attempt to get the entire house clean in a weekend; break big jobs down into manageable chunks that will show progress
  • Reduce clutter—use two bins to separate trash from items to be sold or donated; straighten out and put away everything you are keeping
  • Start big—pick the room you most want to see cleaned up, and begin there; seeing immediate results gives you energy and courage to press on
  • One room—carry a tray of cleaning supplies from room to room, and do one room at a time; you waste footsteps going back and forth to clean all your mirrors, for example

Up on the Rooftop

Leave roof cleaning to professional Tampa-area roofers. A good local contractor such as Imperial  Roofing can come out, survey your roof, and do a thorough roof cleaning before the deluges of June through September. Imperial can check and fix:

  • Loose flashing
  • Granules in your gutters
  • Loose or damaged shingles, shakes or tiles
  • Split boots around vent stacks
  • Leaves, twigs and branches on your roof
  • Popped nails or, far worse, missing nails

Down in the Depths

Whether you have a finished basement, unfinished basement or crawl space, a little spring cleaning can reduce moisture problems, discourage critters, and freshen your Tampa home:

  • Wear—Use a dust mask, especially in unfinished areas
  • Air—Ventilate the space and run fans to draw air through, replacing moisture-laden, stale air
  • Where?—Use a flashlight, even with room lighting available, as you clean; this focuses your search for signs of mold, mildew, or pest intrusion
  • Bare—Clean from ceiling down to floors, so dirt and dust do not fall onto cleaned, bare surfaces

Enlist, Divide, Conquer

Contact your Tampa pest control firm, carting company and trusted roofer to enlist their help. Divide spring cleaning into do-it-yourself work and professional tasks. You should not be handling dangerous chemicals, using your family vehicle as a garbage truck, or doing your own roof cleaning (for safety reasons).

Contact Imperial Roofing for help with your spring roof cleaning!

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