Why Tampa roofing contractors choose tile

There are plenty of roofing materials from which to choose, but many Tampa roofing contractors appreciate tile more now than ever. Tile roofs are durable as well as beautiful and while they can be costly, they are heavy and the material can last for decades.

Old roofing tiles were made from fired clay or slate, but modern types come from concrete. Tile roofing is a great choice and can come in a number of shapes. It’s a wonderful option for Tampa residents because hot weather and salty air don’t affect it. Here are a few other reasons why your roofing contractor might recommend a tile roof for your home.

Reason 1: Long-lasting nature

Tile roofs can last over 100 years if they are installed in the right climate, which is just what Tampa has. Clay and concrete tiles can withstand high winds, hail, and even fire. Once you have tile installed, you may never have to have another roof again.

Reason 2: Variety of Options

You don’t have to worry about style when it comes to tile roofing materials. You have slate, clay, and concrete, all of which comes in a variety of colors and styles to match any home.

Reason 3: Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner would love a house that is more energy efficient and tile roofing can do just that. The heavy mass of tiles regulates indoor temperatures from the top down.

Reason 4: Low Maintenance

Leaks almost never happen with tile maintenance and roofing from this material almost never needs repairs unless tiles are broken after a heavy impact, like a tree branch falling on the home.

Reason 5: Materials are Environmentally Friendly

Tile roofing materials are made from earth minerals rather than chemicals. Once they are removed, they can be ground up and recycled into new tiles for other roofs.

Reason 6: Lack of Decay

Many roofing materials will waste away over the years, like wood, but tile roofs are impervious to rot, insect damage, and almost anything else they receive in the Tampa weather scene.


If you are ready for a tile roof, or you want to ask more questions about what tile roofing can do for your home, contact the professionals at Imperial Roofing Contractor. The 3-generation family owned roofing company provides exceptional roofing solutions to homeowners all over the Tampa region…and all within specific budgets that you get to set yourself as the homeowner.


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