The sun and the sea draw many people to Florida, making it an ideal location to live and work. From a roofing perspective, constant sunshine and salt air can effect the materials of the roofs that protect us, and tropical storms can land debris and clog gutter systems.

Roof maintenance programs

The roofing maintenance programs offered by Imperial Roofing Contractor can help homeowners to protect the investment they made in their home or business.

Regular roof maintenance can help you make sure you get the maximum life from your shingle, tile, metal, or flat roof by taking care of any problems as they arise.

Homeowner steps to a healthy roof

There are some basic maintenance behaviors you as a homeowner can do to avoid causing damage to your roof. These are common to all roof types.

  • Avoid excessive walking / traffic on your roof, this includes commercial flat roofs with their walking paths.
  • Keep your roof clear of debris. Debris can cause the roofing materials to be punctured or over time cause rotting/discoloration of the roof’s surface.
  • Keep your gutter systems clean and draining properly. Clogged gutters can cause problems with the under structure of a roof.
  • If possible, visibly inspect your roof regularly, looking for any damage, leaks, or rot. You also want to look at the ceilings in rooms directly below the roof for signs of moisture damage.
  • Pay extra attention to vulnerable areas such as flashing and valley areas, wherever there are changes or penetrations in the roof deck.

Waiting until you have a leak will increase the chances that your home will require more major roof repairs – or even replacement. Regular roof maintenance, on the other hand, can help to extend the life of your roof by up to 15 years.

If you find signs of damage, contact the professionals at Imperial Roofing, serving Miami and the surrounding area. Our maintenance plans are tailored to your budget and your roof’s needs.

Originally published: July 30, 2013
Information updated: August 3, 2015

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