For your commercial property in the St. Petersburg area, your building’s roof is the single best return on investment (ROI) you can make, since your company cannot long endure without a watertight roof. Using GAF commercial roofing solutions provided by Imperial Roofing Contractor, you can get a long-lasting roof and add to your company’s bottom line.

Choose Carefully

roof_replacement_flat_lTo select a long-term answer for your commercial roofing needs, work with your St. Petersburg roofer to select the ideal material:

  • Built-up Roofing (BUR)
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)
  • Modified Bitumen (MB)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Composite Systems

Imperial Roofing knows that low-slope roofing needs vary widely, so we carry GAF products to provide many answers. Your careful selection of the right surfacing material and application method can return savings to your business for many years, if you factor in some commonly overlooked costs when you are comparing available choices.

Calculate Commercial Roofing’s Cost versus Value

To reap the greatest ROI from your new or repaired roof, you have to assign your own priorities to many different aspects in arriving at a decision:

  • Maintenance costs and schedule
  • Repair costs and ease of repair
  • Reflectivity and its effect on cooling costs
  • Service life
  • Value-added services offered by your qualified commercial roofer

If, for example, you find a roofing product that has very low up-front installation costs but requires constant maintenance and annual repair, your ROI drops rapidly. Imperial Roofing Contractor has experience with the full range of GAF commercial roofing products, and will help you select an affordable solution. We can help you assess a roof’s value, not just its initial cost.

Energy Savings

In St. Petersburg, with our abundant sunshine and near-tropical temperatures, an Energy Star-certified commercial roof can increase the ROI for the roof by lowering cooling costs year-round. For example, careful selection of an insulation material as one of the layers in a membrane system can shave air conditioning costs. You will see the return on a sensible investment in energy-efficient insulation and commercial roofing materials with your very first power bill.

GAF Experience Stands With You

vender1Behind Imperial Roofing is the vast knowledge and manufacturing expertise that GAF brings to the table as the world’s largest roofing manufacturer. With over 125 years in the business, GAF knows commercial roofing. We work with GAF’s experts to apply repair, maintenance, restoration and new roofing solutions for every commercial roofing situation.

When you need a new commercial roof, contact Imperial Roofing who will help you select the best roof system for your business.

Commercial Roof Replacement