Roof Repair needed due to Metal Plastic Boot UsedYour home’s roof is essential. A roof in good repair keeps the structure and interior dry, increases the home’s overall energy efficiency, and keeps mold and other invasive organisms at bay. A quick inspection of your home’s roof may show signs that it is in need of repair. Take inventory of the roof’s condition by looking for:

Interior Signs of Water Damage

Not all roof repair concerns take place outside. You may see signs of water damage in the home’s interior that indicate the need for repair. Look for dripping water, dark spots on the ceiling, sagging tiles, or dark trails that indicate the path of leaking water.

Loose Material Around the Chimney, Vents, or Pipes

Loose material in these areas is an obvious sign of roof repair needs. Each instance of loose material increases the likelihood of moisture penetration and additional damage to the roof deck and surrounding shingles.

Signs of Moisture, Rot, or Mold

If you notice areas of the roof with dry or rotten wood, dark spots, or any indication of mold you are in need of roof repair. Each of these indicate that water has invaded your roof line and is causing havoc under the shingles.

Damaged or Loose Gutters and Downspouts

Not only should damaged or loose gutters be repaired but this is often a sign that you’re in need of more extensive roof repair. Make sure that the gutters and downspouts haven’t resulted in any additional roof damage and that they are open, free of debris, and allow water to exit.

Improper Venting of Bath, Kitchen, and Dryer Vents

If you discover that your bath, kitchen, or dryer vents are improperly vented you’ll likely need roof repair. Improper venting may result in dry rot and crack in the plumbing vent holes because it is the first escape for hot air from the attic. The rot and cracking of the vent creates a likely place for moisture to collect.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of roof damage is the first step to determining whether your roof is in need of repair. A roof technician can inspect your home and provide a professional opinion of what repair should be performed. Contact us today at Imperial Roofing to learn more about the importance of a properly maintained roof.

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