Leave These Tile Roof Repairs to the Pros

Some tile roof repairs are relatively simple, like repairing a single, cracked tile – accessible from a stable ladder. Other roof tile repairs are dangerous and should be left to the pros.

Tile Roof Repair Should Be Left to the Pros

Reading about DIY roof repairs and actually executing the repairs are two different things. Once you’re up on a ladder, crawling around on a slick, tiled roof, the dangers become increasingly apparent. That’s why we recommend leaving the following tile repairs to professional roofers who have the right apparel, the correct tools, industry-recognized safety equipment and years of roofing experience.

Replacing an outdated roof (pre-80s)

Tile roofs are known for longevity, which is why your well-maintained roof may have lasted for 30 years or longer. That’s great. The bad news is that prior to the 1980s, many tile roofing products contained asbestos. If your roof contains some of these older tile products, they should be removed and replaced by tile roof repair experts who know how to protect themselves, handle the tiles, and properly dispose of asbestos-laden materials.

Repairing cracks or holes in multiple roof tiles

While the occasional tile repair or two may be fine, repairs involving multiple — or dozens — of tiles should be handled by roofing contractors. Firstly, the longer you’re on the roof, the higher your chances are of having an accident. However, many homeowners find that they crack as many or more tiles as they repair while moving around on the tile surfaces. Contractors have the know-how and training to maneuver safely, while simultaneously preserving the integrity of existing roofing materials.

Replacing multiple tiles and/or replacing tiles

Similarly, if your roof needs more than a few replacement tiles, or the replacements are located more towards the roof’s ridge line, you’re better off letting the pros take care of it. In addition to getting the work done efficiently and safely, we may also notice other roof issues that need to be addressed in order to maintain the roof’s structural soundness and weatherproof qualities.

Leak repairs

While damaged or missing tiles do cause leaks, a leak may just as likely originate from malfunctioning weatherproofing materials installed beneath the tiles. A simple tile repair or replacement may not do the trick, in which case water damage will accumulate until a leak is repaired correctly.

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