BLOG - Imperial - Dec 2015 - style ideas for your home
Central western Florida, like the St. Petersburg area, is home to a variety of architectural styles. When building a new property or improving your current home, you may find yourself wondering how to get “that look.” By knowing the architectural style of your St. Petersburg home, you can ensure that the components of interior and exterior design of your home will make it one of the best in your community.

The following styles are a great option for a home – especially in central Florida:

Two Story Colonial with shingle roof


Colonial-style homes date back to the 1600s, when early settlers populated the country.

These homes have architectural elements, such as columns and chimneys, that are proportional to the overall building design.

Georgian colonial homes are popular in Florida. They have a box-like shape and five windows adorned with shutters across the top of the home.

This type of home also has a paneled front door under a decorative crown.

Beautiful Mediterranean-Styled Home with tile roof


A style that became popular in the early 1900s, Mediterranean homes were modeled after Spanish hacienda homes.

Traditional elements of this style include plaster surfaces, arches and a tile roof.

Modern St. Petersburg homes that have this architectural style often include original design elements, such as heavy wooden doors, colorful tiles, balconies and porticos.

Spanish Hacienda with tile roof


Spanish, or mission, homes blend the Mediterranean architectural style with Native American elements.

Inspiration for Spanish-style homes often comes from early mission churches built in the early 1900s. Popular design elements include a low-pitched clay tile roof, arcaded porches, white stucco and scalloped windows.

This style may also incorporate decorative tile work around doors and elaborate grillwork on balconies or over windows.

California Ranch Style with shingle roof


Ranch homes are one-story houses with an attached garage and pitched roof.

The architectural style has open floor plans and elements that easily connect homeowners to the outdoors, such as large picture windows and sliding glass doors.

Split Level home with shingle roof


Split-level homes offer more floor space than ranch homes, but borrow many of the same design elements.

In a split-level home, a section of the home is divided into two-stories and there may be an area above the garage for bedrooms.

This type of home is great for those who are looking for a convenient way to make the basement more of a prominent region in the house

Each of these design ideas has a corresponding interior design as well for a flawless look.  If you need help in making your dream house come to life, contact Imperial Roofing in Florida.

Our roofing experts are dedicated to making sure your roof stands up to Florida weather and aesthetic demands. In business since 1968, we proudly serve the Land O Lakes, Tampa and St. Petersburg communities.

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