Why Tile Roofing is the Best Choice for Your High-End Home

Historic, graceful Spanish tile crowns many luxury homes in the Tampa area. For many good reasons, tile is the best choice for many homes throughout southern Florida.


The obvious choice for an architectural style rooted in history is a historically accurate roof. Spanish, Mediterranean and Mission-style homes, French provincial and Italianate homes all benefit from the luxurious appearance of genuine tile roofs. In the Tampa area, paying tribute to the Spanish influence demands accurate, flawlessly installed barrel or Spanish tiles.


Homes throughout the world are protected by tile roofs that are hundreds of years old. Tile is unitized; if one tile cracks, tile can be easily repaired or replaced without delay or disruption to the entire roof. Tile is incredibly strong, and in southern Florida has the added advantage of wind resistance. Where shingles may be peeled back in great rows, turned into flying debris in high winds, tile roofing stays put.

Energy Saving

A luxury home does not mean exorbitant energy bills. With a tile roof, natural convection helps prevent summer heat from entering your home’s attic. This helps keep cooling costs down.

Energy is also saved thanks to the embedded energy in tile — the longer your roof lasts, the lower the lifetime energy costs to replace it.

Low Maintenance

A tile roof requires minimal maintenance. Unless an untrained amateur is walking on the tiles, they should last for decades unmarred, intact, and fulfilling their purpose: protecting your greatest asset.

An annual cleaning and inspection is always helpful, but unless your roof suffers a direct impact by some heavy object, you can stop worrying about expensive upkeep.


A luxury home should not show signs of wear, anywhere. Tile roofing is impervious to just about anything nature throws at it:

  • Insects
  • Fire
  • High winds
  • Heavy rains
  • Rot

The natural fading your roof undergoes will only add to the beautiful patina of a tile roof. Unlike other roofing materials, the color is baked in and is consistent through the tile, so no ugly, contrasting colors will ever show through.

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