How to know when it's time to replace your shingle roof in Tampa, FL

Where is the first place you should look to tell if you need to replace your shingle roof? For roof replacement, Tampa homeowners will usually say, “the roof,” but they would be wrong. Learn the right answer, plus two more subtle or hidden signs indicating fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof replacement.

Sneak Peek

Your utility bill is the first place to look to see if you need a new roof. Why? When your attic does not ventilate well, or water infiltrates and affects attic insulation, your utility bill will climb, slowly but surely.

This sneak peek can come long before you see curled or cracked shingles on the roof. Insulation works because it traps air; infiltrating water, rising humidity and poor circulation can cause insulation to collapse or compact. This means your attic is no longer the same temperature as the outside air, while your Tampa home’s air is cooler or warmer as the season dictates. Your central air conditioner or heating system has to work overtime to compensate for a worsening attic.

Unknown Underside

A completely hidden sign of a deteriorating shingle roof is invisible from outdoors. You have to get into your attic with a strong flashlight and examine the underside of the sheathing. Sheathing is the pressboard or plywood that supports the shingle roof. It is normally nailed to your roof rafters, with a tiny (0.125”) gap between each board.

Look for water stains, drips or sagging sheathing. These all indicate damage from the roof’s exterior inward. Water stains and visible water obviously show leaks, which may evaporate before further damage in your attic. With time, though, the leaks will worsen. Sagging indicates structural damage.

Gutter Tale

Do you sit around with friends chatting about what is in your home’s gutters? Probably not. But with roof replacement Tampa homeowners can get a clear tale of impending failure by looking in the gutters. If you see granules, your roof is literally washing away.

If safe, climb a ladder and peer inside the gutters, or simply feel for grit. The grit is the granulated, colored stone that should be sticking to the asphalt in your shingles. A little grit is okay; a lot of grit means roof replacement now.

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