tile roof maintenance and repairs

Tile roofing is a beautiful addition to any home. Here are a few tips to help you keep your tile roof in top condition throughout the year:

Keep an Eye on Common Problem Areas

Common problems associated with a tile roof includes multiple things such as chipped tiles, sliding tile, cracked or broken tile, mortar cap loosens, not all tiles are fastened, and/or water backup which could cause mildew and algae, leading to deterioration. By monitoring the roof regularly with an expert will help prevent future issues. Tiles can last for more than 100 years when maintaining the proper upkeep.

Promptly Address Damages

A tile roof on your home can be a major benefit as your home value goes up or become costly if you don’t maintain the upkeep by correcting any problems before they get worse.

When waiting or putting off your roof repairs they could go into increasing damages. Eventually you will need to replace and fix the damages inside your home – everything that could have been avoided with simple preventative maintenance. Call upon a reputable roofing company who can inspect your roof and determine what is needed to be done.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Schedule a regular inspection for your tile roof by a contractor who is insured and well trained. Keep your roof healthy by having one of our roofing technicians examine any possible issues that may be happening with your roof. This will help prevent astronomical repairs or having to replace your entire roof due to lack of maintenance.

Local, Professional Roofers

Major repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance performed by Imperial Roofing. We would perform regular maintenance such as cleaning the tiles, removing debris, cleaning around chimneys and skylights, and pressure cleaning in some cases.

Contact Imperial Roofing for great service and excellent workmanship.

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