tile and shingle roofing for florida homes

Homeowners in the Tampa area know roofing can take a beating. Between the driving Florida rains, hurricane-force winds, and intense heat and UV rays, it might seem your tile or shingle roofing is doomed. Don’t despair! There are steps you can take to extend the life of your roof, and prevent costly repairs, or replacement.

1. Regular Inspections

Scheduling yearly inspections of your shingle roofing is the best way to spot trouble before it is too late. Professional roofing contractors can recognize problems and perform necessary repairs, saving you money in the long run.

2. Replace Shingles and Tiles Promptly

Replace damaged or lost shingles and tiles immediately. They’re there for a reason. Even one missing shingle can allow water to get into your home, causing significant damage.

3. Maintain Gutters

Make sure your gutters are clean and downspouts are free-flowing, preventing water build-up on your shingle roofing. Pooled water causes warping, degradation, and damage to your roof.

4. Replace Flashing

If your flashing isn’t flush against your vents and chimneys, water can trickle under your shingles, causing the need for costly repairs. As part of your regular maintenance, your roofing professional can assess the condition of your flashing and repair or replace, as necessary.

5. Trim Branches and Trees

Overgrown trees are a homeowners worst nightmare. Not only are they unsightly, but hanging tree branches pose a threat to your home and your roof. They cause mildew growth, debris build-up, clog gutters, and make a way for squirrels and rodents to get onto your roof and into your home. Obviously, Tampa residents understand the damage an overgrown tree can cause in severe storms. Keep your trees trimmed and away from your roof.

6. Insulation and Venting

Make sure your attic is well vented and insulated from the intense heat. A too-hot, stuffy, or humid attic can cause warping and damage your shingle roofing.

7. Consider Polymer

Liquid polymer, applied to your shingles, can guard against mother nature’s biggest threats. Harmful UV rays and intense moisture can’t damage your shingles if they can’t penetrate. Professional application is key in the success of your liquid polymer.

8. Don’t Wait on Repairs

If you see signs of roof damage or degradation-leaks, missing shingles, roof debris in the downspout trough-contact a professional roofer right away. Your prompt attention now may save you in costly roof repairs later.

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