The unfortunate fact of the world is that there are too many people out there trying to scam people like you out of your money, especially when you are vulnerable. After a natural disaster has struck your town, there is bound to be a group of storm chasers that will say they can repair your roof, but end up charging you plenty more, and apply horrible quick fixes that never last.

What are Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are con artists who usually travel door to door in neighborhoods that have been hit by hurricanes or tornadoes. They promise to install a free roof, waive your insurance deductible, or promote other attractive offers in order to get you to sign quickly and then run off with your money.

Better Business Bureau

Grievances concerning roofing companies make up a great deal of the complaints received by the Better Business Bureau. Most of these complaints are sent in by victims of roofing storm chasers. These crooks tend to ruin the reputations of respected contractors of the area affected.

Research the Company First

Look at reviews for the roofing company, researching them online will show you what they are really about, what other people experienced with them, and if they are licensed or not. While doing this, find out if they have done any local work recently. An easy way to find out if they are from the area is to check their license plate and business card. But, there is no way to protect you from the scams that come along with storm chasers other than simply doing research.

Am I Dealing With a Storm Chaser?

Most contractors don’t come right up to your doorstep and try to market their business. If they work towards making you sign with them right away, they are probably just trying to get your money. Faithful contractors won’t try to make you feel uncomfortable by using pushy, insistent sales tactics.

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Emergency Roof Repair

*original publish date 9-24-2013