Although we are used to having no shortage of warmth and sunlight here in Florida, you may have noticed that certain areas of your home, such as bathrooms, hallways, attic rooms, and foyers, rely on artificial lighting.

Fortunately, there is a unique and affordable way to bring cheerful light into those spaces while simultaneously lowering utility bills and even boosting your family’s health quotient – just in time for Christmas. It’s all possible through the use of a well-placed Sun Tunnel.

sun tunnelWatching the Stars

Sun Tunnel is a smaller cousin of the skylight – bringing sunlight from the outside, through the roof, and releasing it into your home.  At night, the tunnel will also gather and direct starlight and moonlight into your dwelling. This can produce a very satisfying, pleasant feeling – a direct spotlight from the night sky.

A Sun Tunnel is a specialized type of skylight that’s capable of bringing sunlight into a part of your Land O Lakes home where the installation of a conventional skylight might be impractical. These tunnels may be either rigid or flexible, allowing for a range of installation options.

Tunnel interiors are highly reflective and can provide a reflective rate of as much as 98%. This means bringing pure, natural sunlight into the darker recesses of your home and enjoying the many benefits that comes with it, including:

  • Improved interior visual appeal, including better aesthetics, color, and definition of interior spaces
  • Improved work performance compared to areas lit by artificial lighting
  • Increased availability of natural vitamins provided by the sun, such as Vitamins D and B1
  • Reduced incidence of bacterial, mold and mildew buildup, leading to a healthier inside environment
  • Reduction in energy consumption, including electricity for lighting and fuel used for heating

Adding natural lighting through the use of sun tunnels delivers all these benefits and more. They are an affordable means for eliminating seasonal mood changes, reducing the fatigue and headaches sometimes associated with artificial lighting, and even reducing blood pressure and lowering stress.

sun tunnelA Velux Sun Tunnel for Christmas

Plenty of studies have proven the value of replacing unnatural lighting with the natural variety, and with the use of high-quality Velux® Sun Tunnels such as those offered here at Imperial Roofing, this is an easy, affordable, and healthy gift for your family this Christmas.

Contact Imperial Roofing Contractors to learn more about Velux® Sun Tunnels and about having that special Christmas gift installed for your family.
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