How To Waterproof Your Flat Roof

Most residential homes have highly slanted roofs, called steep-slope in the industry, usually roofed with shingles, metal panels, or tiles. None of those roofing materials are right for flat roofs. You can find flat roofs in residential settings over porches, sun rooms, additions, and entryways. Your Tampa-area building deserves high-quality, flat roofing to prevent water damage.


Most steep-slope roofing materials are not waterproof. They are water resistant, because gravity gets the water off the roof quickly. With low-slope or flat roofs, water can sit. The surface must be not just water resistant, but waterproof.

Coatings applied atop existing flat roof materials can effectively seal your valuable building’s roof against any water infiltration. The techniques allow for very fast application, with low odor and almost no distracting noises. Coatings may be single-ply membrane, sprays, or brush-applied chemicals.


The process of coating a low-slope roof varies slightly from job to job, but in essence your local, reliable roofer will:

  • Inspect your flat roof
  • Check your roof’s flashing, insulation, and seams
  • Clean the roof and remove any debris
  • Recommend needed repairs before waterproofing
  • Apply the innovative HydroStop Renewable Roof System, which is a renewable roof coating system
  • We can also provide other waterproof coatings as your home demands


A low-slope residential roof properly coated with waterproofing from a local, friendly roofer will offer a decade or more of lasting protection. The cost to apply waterproof coatings on a flat roof is roughly half the cost of replacing the low-slope roof.

By combining modern technology and a highly trained installation crew, your local roofer can often double the lifespan of a residential low-slope roof. This saves you a considerable amount of money while also preserving your building’s value.

The risks of ignoring potential water leaks in flat roof areas are huge: mold, mildew, unpleasant smells, compromised indoor air quality, and more.
Your family’s health could be at risk from being around increased indoor humidity from the leaks steadily sneaking in through a flat roof.


The material your roofing contractor uses for low-slope roof waterproofing must stand up to all of Florida’s brutal weather conditions:

  • Beating sun
  • High winds
  • Torrential rains
  • Hurricanes

For more information about the many benefits of flat roof waterproofing, contact us today at Imperial Roofing Contractor. Our locally owned, family business is dedicated to providing your building the roofing solutions needed to give you peace of mind.