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The humble shingle holds something of a distinction; in the early 1840’s, Abraham Lincoln formalized his law partnership with friend Billy Herndon by writing both their names on a roofing shingle hung outside their office. While historical significance isn’t on most homeowners’ minds, shingles themselves are on around 80 percent of homes in the Tampa and Land O Lakes area, so understanding when they need to be replaced is important.

Roof Replacement

Most pre-1950s homes built using wooden shingles now require reroofing, because Florida’s humidity, powerful sunlight and storms all cause deterioration. Whether your shingles have simply seen out their useful life, or you want to update to a safer and more attractive modern equivalent, the Tampa area experts to call on are Imperial Roofing. Here’s an overview of the process we follow when appointed to a project.

Initial Assessment

Roofs, perhaps surprisingly, are subject to wear and tear. They expand and contract as temperatures change, both daily and seasonally, and can suffer from impacts caused by wind-blown objects.

Our assessors check for structural damage and leaks, to determine whether a full roof replacement is necessary, or if a single area or component can be repaired.

Tear-Off Stage

There’s more to starting a roof replacement than simple demolition. Getting the required permits, and organizing trash containers and removal, must all be done before any work begins.

Protecting your landscaping and plants throughout the process is important, as is minimizing the mess caused by the project. All Imperial Roofing teams prioritize cleanliness and debris removal.


Roof sheathing allows for the flat, smooth laying of the surface shingles. It must be of the correct thickness for your individual application, extend to the correct distance beyond your gable ends and overhangs, and be fastened according to Code. Getting all of these factors correct is a job for the pros.


Small leaks can cause big problems. Getting the underlayment right first time is imperative, because this component forms the final barrier that prevents the infiltration of wind-driven rain. Here in central Florida, that’s an important consideration.

Shingle Re-Application

Problems with the shingle starter strip are a primary cause of roof failure, with wind resistance being compromised by improper installation. Even nailing is a skill. Errors can be made in angle, application force, nail type and length, even location.

Avoid all these issues by contacting Imperial Roofing, a professional, experienced team of contractors serving the Tampa area.
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