What Can a Storm Do to Your Roof

Storm damage to the roof of your home is just as widely unpredictable as the storms themselves. A large storm may track over your home and do very minimal damage to your roof, while a small but fierce storm could do major damage. It’s important to have an inspection done to determine what type of storm damage repair is needed before a small repair turns into a major one. After a storm your inspector will look for specific types of damage on your roof.


Winds do not need to be at tornado speeds in order to do damage to your home. Flat line winds or regular storm winds can rip loose shingles, tear shingles and even pull large parts of your roof up and off your home. Gutters can also be pulled from your home during a heavy wind, and that will cause damage to the flashing or the edge of your roof.


When you hear a weather forecast tell you that a storm has hail the size of golf balls, they are not kidding. When small or large hail hits your home, it does so at a great speed and force. That can cause dents, tears, holes and other damage in your roof. Constant pounding greatly increases the chance of cracks that will allow water into your home.


Storms tend to carry with them all types of debris. If you have trees close to your home, high winds can push the tree up against the edge of your roof, causing damage. When a tree limb is torn away it can tear, scratch and pull lose any shingles, creating a way for water to get in and damage your home. Sand and dirt can be forced up under all types of roofing materials, giving water a way to get under the roof and into your home.

There are times when storms go through your neighborhood and you are not home to see or hear if damage has occurred. If the possibility is good that there may be storm damage, it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible. A small repair can quickly turn into a large one if water starts pooling under your roof. The best thing to do if you are unsure is to have an inspection done by a professional to determine if there is a need for storm damage repair.

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