Your current roof is nearing the end of its useful life. This means you need to make a decision about the kind of roof that will take its place. You could always go for something similar to the current roof, but why not use this as an opportunity to consider a different kind of roofing material? By considering the merits of roof replacement options like metal, tile, and shingles, it won’t take long to identify the one that will work best for your home.

Metal Roofingroof_replacement_metal_n

One of the first roof replacement options to consider is the installation of a metal roof. Roofing of this type is usually constructed using a series of interlocking panels. Those panels are secured to the roof frame with the aid of concealed fasteners. Depending on the type of metal you prefer, it is possible to paint and seal the panels so they retain the color for many years.

Metal roofs hold up well in all sorts of temperatures. This includes climates that tend to be warmer and more humid. Thanks to the sealant applied to the panels, you don’t have to worry about rust or discoloring as the years pass. In terms up upkeep, the strength of the metal panels make the roof resistant to all sorts of dents and other kinds of damage.

Tile Roofing

roof_replacement_tile_mTile is another of the more popular roof replacement options. This particular approach can certainly add visual appeal to your home. Since the tiles are composed of materials that are not combustible, this particular option for your roof will make your home a little safer. As with metal roofs, you can expect tile roofs to offer excellent service for decades.


The use of asphalt and similar shingles is also an option you want to consider. This particular approach does offer the benefit of being very affordable. In terms of style, shingles come in a wide range of colors. You will find it easy to match a shingle design with the overall look of your home.

One other benefit to consider is that shingles are lighter in weight than some of the other options. This is important if you have to be especially mindful of the weight bearing properties of the house frame. An Imperial Roofing Contractor professional can help you determine if the design of the roof frame would lend itself best to the use of this type of roof.

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