As your local, reliable Tampa and Land O’ Lakes roofer, Imperial Roofing Contractor is certified by shingle giant GAF to offer the strongest warranties in the business. When your aging roof calls for shingle roof replacement, you need to know what warranties can and cannot do to protect your Tampa-area home.

Master Elite GAF Roofing Contractor

Some contractors provide standard, reasonable and effective service. Some roofing contractors rise above the rest. Being in the three percent of roofers to earn the title Master Elite GAF Roofing Contractor, Imperial Roofing Contractor rises above the run-of-the-mill roofer by demonstrating to GAF that:

  • We are properly licensed
  • We are adequately insured
  • We are committed to ongoing training of our installation crews
  • We have a proven track record of providing quality roofing services

This hard-won designation unlocks our access—and therefore your access during shingle roof replacement—to the highest levels of manufacturer’s warranty protection.

Golden Pledge Warranty

The Weather Stopper Golden Pledge warranty, GAF’s highest grade of warranty, is available exclusively through Master Elite GAF Roofing Contractors for full shingle roof replacement and provides extensive coverage:

  • 15-year, 130 mile-per-hour wind warranty
  • 110 mile-per-hour wind warranty
  • Complete roofing system coverage
  • 50-year coverage on superior quality shingles
  • Workmanship coverage
  • Transferable warranty

Why Warranties Matter

A shingle warranty often only covers issues with manufacturing, which means the maker is offering a safe bet. Automated manufacturing methods produce extremely low defect rates, so bragging about a 50-year shingle warranty is a hollow boast.

It is coverage of installation by the local roofer that truly matters. When facing shingle roof replacement, look for an installer with the experience and credentials of Imperial Roofing Contractor, because then you know the shingle manufacturer has enough confidence in the local contractor to guarantee correct installation.

Having the financial backing of GAF means Imperial Roofing Contractor can provide the top level of service, protecting your home while protecting the reputation of our company. We cannot afford to imperil our strong standing with GAF by performing a rushed or shoddy shingle roof replacement. We strive for the best installation of the best possible materials according to the homeowner’s budget.


GAF trusts Imperial Roofing Contractor to install their excellent products correctly, and is willing to stand behind our installation with the highest level of warranty. When searching for a roofer for a full shingle roof replacement, turn to Imperial Roofing Contractor. Contact our offices today.