What You Need to Know about Roofs for Troops

The GAF Roofs for Troops program is offered to veterans, active and retired military personnel throughout the United States. This $250 rebate program is a “Thank You” from GAF to our troops and their families who serve and protect our country.

Imperial Roofing Contractor, a GAF Master Elite designated company, is honored to be part of this program in the Tampa and Land O Lakes area. This program is valid through December of 2017.


GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials, offers this program to military personnel and veterans for the installation of new roofs using a GAF Lifetime Roofing System.

The Roofs for Troops system includes Lifetime Shingles along with three qualifying accessories. The accessories are:

  • GAF starter strips shingles
  • Roof cap, hip and ridge shingles
  • Leak barrier
  • Cobra Attic Ventilation
  • Roof deck protection

The Timberline Shingles and Designer Shingles offer extra protections against high winds and rain common in the Tampa area. The Timberline Cool Series shingles lower your energy costs during the hot days of summers.

GAF partners with Energy Star to offer advanced shingle technology products that reflect back the infrared rays of the sun to keep your roof cooler. Your air conditioner will work more efficiently and save on electrical costs during the summer. Timberline shingles are impact resistant. This is helpful during heavy wind and rainstorms that create flying debris.

Roof cap and ridge shingles offer added protection at the peaks and higher intersections of roof lines. The cap shingles replace flat strips to reinforce the major stress areas of the roof. Theses special curved shingles make the roof’s profile more attractive.

Starter strips are used on flatter areas at the edge of a roof. These are adhesive strips for faster installation and more protection against high winds.
Imperial Roofing Contractor will supply the form and all of the necessary product information for the Roofs for Troops rebate. Contact us for more information on this special program in honor of the people who serve our country.

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