How Roof Leaks Slowly Kill Your Bay Area Investment

Common Scenario: The roof has a small leak. You’ve been meaning to get it fixed but you keep putting it off. Plus, you’re planning to sell soon anyway, so maybe it’s better to give the new owners a seller’s credit for that particular repair to simplify things on your end.

Is that a good idea? Not at all – and here’s why…

Small Roof Leaks Are Often Worse Than Big Ones

Small leaks are often more damaging than bigger ones when it comes to your Bay Area investment. That small, damp patch in the corner pocket of your living room is more than just an eyesore.

The slow, consistent leak of water into your home will:

Destroy the Infrastructure

Inside your walls, the rot associated with slow roof leaks will cause wood to rot, drywall to collapse and can also deteriorate the insulation, electrical work and plumbing that live inside your walls.

Interior wicking (the movement of water through narrow spaces, from one area to another) can spread without your notice – causing thousands, or tends of thousands, of dollars worth of damage above and beyond the “minor” roof repair.

Causes Mold and Mildew Issues

That aforementioned rot and infrastructure destruction is largely the result of mold and mildew. Once these insidious fungi colonize, they do more than rot the internal house structures; they also send out millions upon millions of spores. These spores cause mold and mildew to colonize elsewhere in the home – particularly in any new damp spots occurring as the result of the leak.

Also, airborne mold spores are hazardous to your respiratory health – and the health of future buyers. Once mold is detected in the home inspection, your house will have to be fully treated and eradicated before new homeowners would close escrow and move in.

Roof Replacement is Eminent if Not Necessary

If that “slow leak” caused more damage than imagined, a full roof replacement will be eminent, if not necessary. While it’s true, this amount can be used to barter with future buyers, it means you’re getting less for your home. Additionally, the news that the roof needs serious repair or replacement may cause optimal buyers to walk since homes requiring roof replacement aren’t as desirable as those that are well-maintained and considered “turn-key.”

Is a slow leak causing you undue worry? Contact Imperial Roofing Contractor for a free estimate from Tampa’s roofing experts.