Ways Your Roof Can Complicate Life

The average Bosc pear seems, somehow, to know exactly when to go from unripe to spoiled when you are not looking. It sits on the counter, hard and unappealing for days, then turns to mush as soon as your back is turned. Are roofs like that? They just sit there, and suddenly your life is complicated by something your roof has done. Or, more often, failed to do.

Water Infiltration

A roof’s primary job is to prevent water from coming inside your home, ruining everything from kitchen counters to Bosc pears. Sometimes, though, you will not know about a water leak until it has made its way through your roof, beneath the sheathing, into your attic insulation, and onto the drywall of your ceilings.

Annual inspections by one of the top roofers in Tampa, Imperial Roofing Contractor, can help catch leaks before they become expensive repair jobs. A broken clay tile or loose flashing can allow water in, but our expert roofers know what to look for and how to repair it.

Energy Hog

A roof can be an energy boon or an energy hog, depending on how you work with roofers in Tampa to deal with the heat. Tampa is closer to the equator than almost every other point in the U.S., so the sun is direct and nearly constant. So much infrared radiation pouring down on your home’s roof can drive up your cooling costs if you do not reflect that heat back.

Partnering with one of the best roofers in Tampa, you can have Imperial Roofing Contractor install “cool roofing” that reflects back infrared radiation before it can conduct down into your attic. Specially selected shingles or highly reflective metal roofing can help lower your electrical use, simplifying your life and saving you money.

Crunch Time

Your roof is not always the culprit. When a branch or tree falls on your roof, your roof is a hapless victim, but you have to be the superhero. Spring into action by contacting a local roofer for emergency repairs. Nothing complicates your life so much as storm damage, water leaks or a shattered tile roof. Imperial Roofing Contractor can help make things right, right away.

When looking for ways to uncomplicate your roof, turn to one of the best roofers in Tampa, Imperial Roofing Contractor. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your roof and home.

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