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Flat roofs need special attention to maintenance, as debris can quickly build up on a flat roof surface. At Imperial Roofing Contractor, we provide the following services to maintain your flat roof and to protect your investment.

Flat roof maintenance and restoration can extend your roof’s life up to 10 years. Flat roof restoration is a good choice and is more cost effective than roof replacement.

  • We check the flashing detail around roof curbs, as these are areas where debris or water can gather.
  • We check for areas on your roof where ponding water occurs.
  • We check any areas where water or debris can gather, such as power sources that are installed through the roof or other critical areas in your roof.
  • We clean and prepare the roof and roof deck to ensure that the roof will shed water properly.
  • Air conditioning units are checked to ensure that the seals are secure and do not allow water penetration.
  • Imperial Roofing Contractor is certified to install the HydroStop Renewable Roof System. This roofing system is more cost effective and practical than roof replacement. Using this renewable roofing system, we pressure wash and apply a waterproofing membrane to your roof after 10 years — and extend the life of your roof for another 10 years. The Renewable Roof System costs you 50% of what it would cost you to replace your roof.

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Flat Roof Restoration